Business Background

A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large. – Henry Ford.

Who is Thusega?

page-1Thusega is a fully CIPC registered company that provides Business Consulting and Training to entrepreneurs in South Africa and beyond. Our Consulting Services include business registrations; marketing and business plans; preparation of budgets; costing and pricing; feasibility and viability studies; B-BBEE consulting.

Thusega has been accredited by the Services Seta as a provider of quality education (accreditation number: 9749).  All our Skills Programme and Qualifications are accredited by the respective SETAS. This means that learners completing them receive certificates offered by the SETA. Our training services include full courses, short skills programmes, workshops and seminars. Thusega operates from its Thusega Centre for Enterprise and Leadership Development (T-CELD).

Thusega develops its learners holistically through its “Triple H Philosophy of Education.” Our goal is to develop the learners not only on one or the other but in all the following three areas:

  • HEAD (Academic Excellence).
  • HEART (Life Skills and Character Development).
  • HAND (Vocational and Technical Mastery).

What makes us unique is that we are focused on entrepreneurs; treat all our clients with dignity and respect; avoid jargon in our interactions with clients; and our PROC (performance, risk, opportunity, control) based and mentoring approach to consulting. Our associates and staff possess the knowledge, skills and experience to serve clients and are passionate about the success of our clients. Our motto is “Passionate About Your Success. “All we do is focused on making you and your business successful.

Thusega is a wholly black owned and managed business that currently has a level one B-BBEE status. As such, our clients enjoy a R1,35 recognition for each R1,00 spent on services purchased from Thusega.

Who can benefit from using our products and services?

Procurement divisions of government departments, public sector companies, large private sector businesses, banks and mines. We seek to partner with these institutions to assist them with identifying new suppliers and SMMEs for inclusion in their supplier and enterprise development programmes and to support them so they can be reliable and quality suppliers well into the future.

Enterprise development divisions of government departments, public sector companies, private sector businesses, banks and mines. We partner with these institutions to assist them with identifying businesses for their enterprise development programmes, and to offer our services to support the development of these enterprises.

Community Social Investment divisions of government departments, public sector companies, private sector businesses, banks and mines. We partner with these institutions to assist them in identifying qualifying Community Based Organizations (NPOs, NPC, Cooperatives) and to offer our services to support the development of organizations.

Public and Private Sector Financing Institutions. We introduce businesses with potential for funding and offer our services to support the development of these businesses so they can improve profitability and be in a better position to meet their financial obligations to these institutions.

Individual Enterprises, SMMEs, NPOs and Cooperatives: We offer our services to assist these organizations in accessing financial and non-financial support from relevant organizations, to be profitable and to honor their obligations to SARS and other statutory bodies.

Large Corporates and Public Sector Companies. We assist with the understanding and implementation of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE). We also link these corporate clients with qualifying Small Businesses and projects for their Enterprise Development Fund and Corporate Social Investment funds. We also assist with the development of these small businesses and CSI projects.

Vision, Mission, Values

Vision: (most priced business achievement). 

 “To be the leading Enterprise Development and Training Company in Southern Africa and beyond.”

Mission: (Never-ending, ongoing reason/purpose for the business existence).

“To see more and more of our entrepreneurs establishing strong, viable, sustainable and internationally competitive businesses, and to see them use their accumulated wealth to advance the course of economic empowerment not only in Southern Africa, but internationally as well”.

  • To offer our clients the best consulting and training experience.
  • To continually surpass our customers’ expectations.
  • To treat all our staff with respect and to adequately reward good performance.
  • To remain profitable and sustainable for the benefit of the shareholders.

Values :( Shared beliefs about what makes us successful).

The owners, management, staff and associates of Thusega subscribe to the following values and consider these to be the PATH to the successful achievement of the company’s mission and vision:

  • Professionalism: We treat all our clients with respect and give them the best of our skills, abilities, and knowledge.
  • Attitude: We show passion and enthusiasm in helping all of our clients.
  • Teamwork: We respect our associate’s individual expertise, skills and knowledge but will always work together to give our clients the best of our collective skills and knowledge.
  • Helpful: We will always endeavour to be helpful to our clients. Where we are unable to help, we will find someone who can.

Geographical Presence

Thusega currently operates offices in Vanderbijlpark and Johannesburg. More offices will be open based on business activity.

I create. I take risks. I live my passion. I am an entrepreneur. – unknown.
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